Improve Performance
with Web Metrics and Analysis

Web Metrics and AnalysisSimplifiedSolutions audits and analyzes the rich intelligence and data available on the web, including Google Analytics, to enhance the quality of online traffic and improve conversions.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics helps us gain actionable insights into user behavior on your website and effectively identify which keywords bring you the best return:

  • ROI – Which of your marketing initiatives are most effective?
  • Demographics – What are the characteristics of visitors who are likely to turn into customers?
  • Sources – Where is your best traffic is coming from?
  • Click paths – How often do your visitors return, how long
    do they stay, and how involved are they with your website?
  • Relevance – What content or pages are the most effective?
  • Conversion – What are the best keywords for converting?
  • Sales – How much is a lead to your site worth?

Email Marketing Analytics

Our email reports are full of statistics and data that help us refine and optimize your email campaigns including:

  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates to more content
  • Forwards and social sharing
  • Opt-outs

This data helps us modify our content, manage our list more effectively and follow up with more targeted mailings based on click history.

Email Marketing Analytics

Social Media

Our Social Media tools give us detailed metrics on the following:

  • User demographics
  • Daily / weekly active users
  • Impressions
  • Post Views / Interactions
  • Shares and Retweets
  • Social Trends
Social Media Analytics

Paid Search

A host of intelligence allows us to refine our programs for maximum impact and ROI:

  • Click-through rates / Cost per clicks
  • Impressions / cost per impression
  • Conversions / cost per conversion
  • Landing page effectiveness
Paid Search Analytics
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